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Founded: 1958

Established in 1958, Beijing Shichahai Sports School is located in the west bank of Shichahai, also one of the main center for training young sports talents in Beijing, and rated as a key secondary technical school with a primary and junior section, base of national high level athletic talents, training center of national high level badminton talents. The school provides sports training as wushu, ping-pong, badminton, weightlifting, gymnastics, volleyball, tennis, boxing, free combat and taekwondo.

The school has trained large quantities of sports talents for the country and Beijing. Some of sports elites who graduated from the school include Teng Haibin ,Ma Yanhong ,the star of gymnastics; World champion of table tennis- Wang Tao , Zhang Yining; The Olympic Games champion of the taekwondo Luo Wei; The Olympic Games champion of the women’s volleyball Feng Kun; All-round Wushu champion , the movie & TV star Li Lianjie; Wushu champion of the 13th Asian Games -Liu Tsing-Hua; the international chess queen Xie Jun; ” Sudirman Cup ” badminton match champion Dong Jiong.

In terms of multitude sports, Shichahai Sports School, which was set up firstly in Beijing, has been attracting large amount of teenagers and sports enthusiasts to participate in the spare time training.

It also enjoys higher popularity in the world as the opening school in the sports industry of Beijing, utilizing the ” brand ” advantage of the school; it has launched diversified forms of international sports cultural exchanges. With the approval of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, the school still receives foreign students to study, meanwhile appointing the coach to teach abroad. The number of foreign sports enthusiasts who come from the five continents and more than ten countries and regions increased sharply.

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Bagua Zhang | Modern Wushu | Qi Gong | Sanda | Taiji Quan | Traditional Wushu | Xing Yi Quan


57 Di’anmen W St, Shichahai, Xicheng District, Beijing, 100035