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Welcome to Evergreen Wushu! We are delighted to offer you classes in Chinese Martial Arts, commonly known as “Kung Fu” or “Wushu.” Our school is dedicated to helping students develop new skills, forge meaningful friendships, learn Chinese culture, and experience a sense of accomplishment each day. We encourage you to explore our wide variety of classes and programs designed to suit different interests and skill levels. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further information!

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Zhou Chuan Wang

Master Chuanwang Zhou has over 20 years of experience teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi to all ages. Having been an instructor for ShanDong Taishan Wushu (Martial Arts) Team for 10 years, Master Zhou is considered one of the best of national level instructors and judges in China.

Master Zhou started to learn Shaolin Kungfu at the age of 6 years old. He studied Kungfu at Shandong Martial Arts School, Shaolin temple, and Shandong Wushu Team. He graduated from Physical Education University of Beijing in China. He worked on many movies as a martial arts specialist and choreographer. He was invited to several countries, such as Australia, Canada, the United States, and the Philippines to perform martial arts and Shaolin Kungfu.

In his career, Master Zhou was the champion in several large international WuShu competitions. He is especially excellent in Straight Sword and Mantis Fist style of Kung Fu. Master Chuanwang Zhou published many papers about the disciplines on training and grasping the Sword style in major magazines and newspapers. Master Chuanwang Zhou was awarded the title of top national instructor in China for many years. His students won many national and international championships in WuShu competitions.

Styles Taught

Modern Wushu | Sanda | Taiji Quan


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