Great Wall Kung Fu Center

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About the School

Great Wall Kung Fu Center offers group lessons and private instruction to children and adults. With its origins as a fighting art, Kung Fu builds self-awareness and self-defense. Kung Fu enhances strength, balance, agility, discipline and health. Grounded in centuries of wisdom and training, the authentic Wushu taught by Master Yong Cao will challenge and bring students to new levels of health and well-being. Classes are grouped by age level and experience. Kung Fu students will progress and learn:

Traditional Kung Fu Routines:
​Xingyiquan, Bajiquan, Bagua, Tongbeiquan, Fanzi, Piguaquan, Drunken Fist, Monkey Fist, Ditang and other pictographic boxing, Chaquan, Huaquan, Cannon Fist, Hong Quan, Shaolin Quan

Single Weapons:
Podao, Guandao (Guan Yu’s Blade), Long-braid Sword, Monkey Staff, Drunken Staff, Drunken Sword

Double Weapons:
Double Nunchaku, Double Broadswords, Double Swords, Double Spears, Double Hooks

Flexible Weapons:
Nunchaku, Chain Whips, Three-Section Staffs, Whips, Rope Darts, Meteor Hammers, Double Chain Whips

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Cao Yong

Master Cao has 20 plus years of Kung Fu teaching experience. He is dearly loved by his students, young or old, spread all over China and the United States. More than 90% of his students have received some sorts of awards including many gold medals from major international Kung Fu competitions.​


Styles Taught

Bagua Zhang | Modern Wushu | Qi Gong | Shaolin | Taiji Quan | Traditional Wushu | Xing Yi Quan


3820 Superior Ave. East #107 Asian Town Center Cleveland, Ohio 44114