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North America

About the School

Founded: 2012

NIU Wushu & Kung Fu Academy, located in Fountain Valley, California, has been operating since 2012. We dedicate ourselves to teaching and training authentic Chinese martial arts to people of all ages. NIU Academy emphasizes developing instinct and intention to reach perfect timing and precision when executing techniques. As Master Niu has often stated, “Learn how to have your mind lead your body movements, do not let your body lead your mind.”. NIU Academy teaches superior and practical Kung Fu techniques so that students can defend themselves in any situation, and will help students to reach their full development both physically and mentally.

Master Niu retired in 2020, transferring NIU Academy to his son, Coach Ethan Niu, who now operates and teaches all classes.

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Ethan Niu

Head Coach Ethan Niu started his journey of practicing and competing in the art of Chinese Martial Arts when he was 4 years old. With Master Adrian Niu as his father and teacher, Ethan worked diligently in learning and practicing Competitive Wushu, Traditional Kungfu, Self-Defense Sparring, Chinese Fencing, and much more. Growing up with NIU Academy, he started assisting classes early on when he entered high school. This eventually branched into taking over his own classes and providing beneficial private lessons for our students. Coach Ethan competed in the 2019 National Team Trials and made it onto the USA National Wushu Team.

Styles Taught

Modern Wushu | Traditional Wushu


18171 Euclid St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708