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About the School

Founded: 2008

Northwest Wushu offers competitive & recreational wushu and wu-fit (Fitness) programs for children, teen & adults, our wushu programs develop fitness & health while improving self confidence, self esteem & teach self discipline. New students are taught basic skills of Wushu including hand, body & kicking actions as well as flexibility & fitness training. Intermediate to advanced students go on to learn jump kicks, acrobatics & weaponry.

Competitive students are taught both International & Optional barehand & weapon routines as done both world and China international level Competition. Our coach Tianyuan Li is 3 times Chinese national champions and a motion capture model for sony playstation game “soul calibur”. If you want to increase mind control, improve flexibility, and increase physical strength, then Northwest Wushu is the place for you.

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Li Tian Yuan

Sifu Li begun her Chinese Martial Arts (Wushu) training at age of 8. Her daily regiment was 4-6 hours of hard training. At age 11 she became Wushu champion for her province in China. From there, she moved into one of China’s most prestigious Wushu Academies, some 900 miles from home. During her training, she became a 3 time Chinese National Champion. SiFu Li then decided to retire as a professional Wushu athlete. She then went to Japan, to start teaching at the Yokohama Chinese Wushu Association. While in Japan, she partnered with the video game industry titan “Namco”. She joined the team, and brought her expertise to help make the hit Video Game “Soul Calibur”. One of her roles In the creation, was as the motion capture model, for 4 of their game characters.

In 2008. after she raised 2 healthy kids, she started her school “ Northwest Wushu Academy” in Seattle Chinatown. Where she is the Head Instructor (SiFu) Over the years, many of her students have become winners at international Wushu competition. As well become champions. Some of her students have become Martial Arts movie actors, and directors.

She also worked with the Intel team, to help incorporate technology arts, and Martial arts.

Students will learn Wushu, Kungfu, Taichi and Qigong skills. The help improve their self discipline, balance, stability and focus, its truly challenging, fun, and rewarding.

Styles Taught

Bagua Zhang | Modern Wushu | Taiji Quan | Traditional Wushu


3150 Airport Way South Seattle, WA 98134