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About the School

Founded: 1958

Shaanxi Provincial Wushu Academy is an institution with independent legal personality under the leadership of the Provincial Sports Bureau. It is a higher professional institution that forges and reserves reserve talents for the professional martial arts team and trains outstanding talents for society. In order to adapt to the development of the times, our school established the Shaanxi Martial Arts Vocational and Technical School in 2005 with the approval of the Xi’an Municipal Education Bureau. The school adheres to the school-running philosophy of “martial arts as its characteristics and attaches great importance to cultural teaching” and focuses on “quality education and characteristic education.” The school’s direction is to recruit students from all over the country, and after graduation, a nationally recognized academic certificate will be issued.

Zhang Genxue, member of the Chinese Wushu Association, chief coach of the National Wushu Sanda Team, executive vice chairman of the Shaanxi Wushu Association, and director of the Shaanxi Wushu Sports Management Center, serves as the president of our institute. The martial arts coaches are composed of a group of outstanding athletes who have won national and even world martial arts championships and martial arts talents who graduated from well-known sports colleges across the country and have both theory and practical experience. In terms of teaching, our school has a team with strong professional capabilities and An experienced, united and progressive team of intermediate and senior teachers.

Shaanxi Provincial Wushu Academy, formerly the Provincial Wushu Professional Team, was established in 1958. Over the past half century, it has trained and delivered a number of outstanding athletes to the national and provincial first-line Wushu teams, including Zhao Changjun, Xiao Guanji, Yan Feng, Chen Junqi, Many national martial arts (Taolu, Sanda) champions and world champions, including Meng and Battle. Since its establishment, Shaanxi Provincial Martial Arts Vocational and Technical School has sent a group of outstanding students with good conduct and good training to major sports colleges, military, security and other industries across the country. It has cultivated a large number of outstanding talents with excellent military ethics, both civil and military skills, and high quality for the society.

Our hospital is located in the Shaanxi Provincial Sports Training Center Park, No. 303 Zhangba East Road, Xi’an City. The hospital has an elegant environment and pleasant scenery. It is adjacent to professional teams such as football, swimming, and gymnastics in our province, making it an ideal place for learning and training.

Shaanxi Province Wushu has the first-class training venues and training facilities in the country. It is the national Wushu Sanda team training base and can meet the needs of various types of Wushu professional training.

Our school has first-class student apartments and first-class student restaurants, and implements all-day closed management and training, which can fully relieve parents’ worries. Cultivate students’ independent personal abilities and teamwork spirit from an early age. In daily spare time, our school also pays attention to the ideological and moral education of students, so that students can establish a correct outlook on life, morality, and values, and lay a solid foundation for their future life. In terms of training, our hospital always follows the development aspirations and personal characteristics of students, implements a training plan that “teaches students according to their needs, and tailors their training to suit the needs of each individual”, and adheres to the training principle of “being difficult, being strict, and starting from actual combat”. The school also offers cultural courses for primary schools, middle schools, and technical secondary schools, and strives to create socially useful talents with both civil and military skills.

The college pays special attention to the development prospects of students after graduation. Through the training of students’ practical skills and the good social relations of the school, every student in the school can find a development space suitable for them. Our school is a brand school that has long been designated to provide professional team members to professional martial arts teams and sports colleges in various provinces in China. It has long-term provided senior security management talents to major enterprises, institutions and celebrity entrepreneurs in Xi’an, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places; For students who are strong-minded and well-trained, the school strongly recommends them to the People’s Liberation Army Armed Police Force; for students who are interested in pursuing a career in martial arts, after comprehensive and systematic training, they will take up the positions of martial arts coaches and referees; at the same time, it will try its best to arrange for students to participate in large-scale martial arts competitions. , perform, and provide opportunities to participate in film and television shootings.

The purpose of the Shaanxi Martial Arts Academy is: education changes destiny, all for the sake of children.

The school spirit of Shaanxi Province Martial Arts Academy: civilized and united, lively, active and enterprising.

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Shaanxi Provincial Sports Training Center Park, No. 303 Zhangba East Road, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province