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Founded: 1952

Shanghai University of Sport (SUS), founded in 1952, is the first sport university after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Since 2001, SUS has been jointly governed by the General Administration of Sport of China and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. Since 2017, SUS has been enlisted in the national level Double First-Class initiative and top universities in Shanghai. SUS is striving to develop into one of the first-class sport universities by exploring the development of talent cultivation, academic innovation, social services, cultural heritage and international engagement in sports. Upholding the motto of Integration of Mind and Body, Inclusive and Competitive, SUS is a sport-rooted research university committed to the mission of developing physical education, improving people’s health and carrying forward sports culture. SUS has been carrying out the philosophy of lifelong development of faculty and students, and dedicated to developing the students both physically and mentally with a balanced education of liberal arts and science, and with the mutual enhancement of morality and techniques in order to cultivate all-round talents for the society.

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Styles Taught

Bagua Zhang | Modern Wushu | Qi Gong | Sanda | Taiji Quan | Traditional Wushu | Various Sports | Xing Yi Quan


399 Chang Hai Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China, 200433