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Founded: 1988

The United States Wushu Academy (USWA) was established in 1988. Since its inception, USWA has championed the promotion of Wushu (Chinese Martial arts), Taiji (Tai Chi) and Health Qigong in the United States. Today, USWA pioneers the introduction of Chen and Yang styles of Taiji as well as Health Qigong in the United States through high quality seminars. USWA has hosted twelve International Chinese Martial Arts Championships known as “The U.S. Challenge.”

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Zhang Gui Feng (张桂凤)

Coach Zhang founded United States Wushu Academy, along with Coach Pei, in 1988. Her wushu training began at the age of 9, when she was selected to join the Beijing Wushu Team. Coach Zhang's professional accomplishments include, eight gold medals in Chinese national competitions, and ranking within the top three athletes on the Beijing Wushu Team. Since then, Coach Zhang received the prestigious "Best Coach of the Year" award from the International Wushu Federation in 1988, and has sent numerous students to national and international competitions.

Christopher Pei (裴康凱)

Coach Pei founded United States Wushu Academy, along with Coach Zhang, in 1988. He has an extensive background in Chen-style taiji, studying directly from the 19th generation descendant of the founder of Chen style taiji. Additionally, Coach Pei began his wushu training in 1980 when he trained with the Beijing Wushu Team.

Styles Taught

Bagua Zhang | Modern Wushu | Qi Gong | Taiji Quan | Traditional Wushu | Xing Yi Quan


1136 West Broad Street, Falls Church, VA 22046