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About the School

Learn the full Taichi System
We teach from the ground up, offering every student deep roots in both Taichi and Qigong. Our focus is on developing our students both internally and externally.

Join our family
Our students aren’t just customers, they’re family. When you join the Wushu Taichi Center you are joining a large and deeply established community. Expect to build relationships, enjoy potlucks, weekend outings and more.

Nurturing Support
Everyones different, we all have strengths and weaknesses. Our instructors identify the characteristics of each student and generate an adaptive, nurturing environment capable of offering the most fertile soil for each students development.

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Liu Yu

Liu Yu commands a masterful teaching style, transmitting the taichi curriculum with an astounding fluidity, aligning perfectly with the wonder and beauty inherent in the principles of taichi itself.
Master Liu Yu’s teaching style is very much like the ocean. Though tranquil and subtle, she yields the power to transform great obstacles over gentle iterations of persistent force.

Liu Yu is a lifelong student of the art, beginning her journey as a young child in Baoying China under the tutelage of Master Dai Jiayu. Demonstrating unyielding focus and natural talent she eventually became a professional Wushu athlete (martial artist) and National hero. In 1997 her steady vigilance and dedication finally earned her the title of Head Coach for the U.S National Wushu Team.

Norm Petredean

Norm is a martial arts veteran who conveys a deep and experiential understanding of the taichi art form.
Norm Petredean began studying martial arts while attending Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. After obtaining his degree he studied Tai Kwon Do for five years in such places as Florida, New Zealand, and Australia, until he caught his first glimpse of Wushu in 1980. Since that time, he’s made eight trips to China for Wushu training and study. Norm demonstrates a powerful passion and command for the art, bringing over 30 years of Wushu teaching and study to the Center.

Styles Taught

Qi Gong | Taiji Quan


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