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Founded: 2013

When the people of Monrovia come to Wushu Unlimited to learn martial arts, they don’t just receive training, but a staff that is dedicated to helping them improve themselves. It is our goal to bring wushu and all of its opportunities for fun and good health to everyone. We believe you don’t need to be limited by your age, sex, or physical condition.

Here at Wushu Unlimited you can take classes in authentic Wushu from high level professional athletes so together we can prepare you for any competition, even if you are only competing with yourself.

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Wang Wei

Coach Wang started his very successful wushu career at the age of 4. He joined the Shandong Wushu Team at the age of 10 and while competing there won championships in many classes and events. Upon completion of his professional wushu career, however, Coach Wang wasn’t ready to give up the sport that meant so much to him. At this time, he received a previously unheard of invitation from Beijing Sports University (BSU), the most prestigious sports university in all of China, to attend their school without having to try out due to his exemplary performance during his professional career. It was at BSU, Coach Wang obtained an even deeper understanding of wushu and was trained on how to teach it to others. After teaching both here and abroad for over 15 years, he now brings his expertise to us here at WU.

Jennifer Wang

Our Afterschool Director comes to us from a varied background of teaching and tutoring both here and abroad. Throughout her college attendance, Mrs. Wang did extensive tutoring of her electrical and computer engineering classmates and had a paid position as a lab/teacher’s assistant. She lived abroad in China for 5 years teaching all aspects of English, from reading, writing, speaking and proper pronunciation to TOEFL, SAT, and IELTS test preparation. She is fluent in written and spoken Mandarin Chinese and attended Beijing University where she tested out of the “Chinese as a foreign language program” and was able to enroll in the regular classes with the native speakers. She has helped to develop numerous class curricula to assist her students in learning multiple subjects like English, Math, History and the Sciences. We are very proud of the courses we offer the people of Monrovia and we welcome you to try one to see why Wushu Unlimited is the right choice for martial arts practitioners.

Styles Taught

Modern Wushu | Taiji Quan


236 West Maple Avenue, Monrovia, CA 91016