Watch Wushu!

I’ve been putting out wushu videos online since the late 90’s, and it’s one of my favorite ways to help people scratch their wushu itches.

I plan to post up more of the wushu videos that I never got around to putting here on the website, but for now I’ll include a few of my favorite playlists here and you can keep your eyes open for more awesome wushu goodness in the near future.

IOC Wushu Demonstration – Part 1

In 2006 I was able to attend the World Traditional Games in Henan Province, and the Henan Wushu Team and Chinese National Wushu Team came together to perform a really great wushu demonstration for members of the International Olympic Committee.  Definitely worth checking out.

The Top 5 Wushu Strength Training Exercises

This is the most watched video I’ve put on Youtube (over 18,000 views), and for good reason.  Here Yang Yu Hong, member of the Shanghai Wushu Team, shares his pick for the top 5 strength training exercises for wushu athletes.

Trailer for the 2013 All China Games Qualifiers

In 2013, before I moved out of China, I was able to attend the men and women’s qualifiers for the All China Games.  This trailer is compiled from footage I took and I intentionally did a non-nandu (for individual taolu, not duilian) video to showcase the athlete’s abilities.

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