In episode 2 of the Wushu Adventures Podcast I speak with Matt Wong, a long-time wushu enthusiast who is one of only 3 certified international wushu judges in the U.S.A.

Matt and I discuss his history with wushu and he shares great information on what judges look for and what athletes should pay attention to.  We also get nerdy with southern styles and he shares details on his new wushu school in Orange County, California.

Matt Wong began studying Wushu in 1995 at University of California, Irvine and trained with the UC Irvine Wushu Team the Southern California Wushu Academy and the Guangdong Wushu Team.




  • Vadim Zhukov UC Irvine Wushu Program Irvine, CA
  • Chris Huy Ho Southern California Wushu Academy Garden Grove, CA
  • Huang Jiangang Guangdong Wushu Team Guangzhou,P.R.C.

Form-specific Coaches


Matt Wong

  • Tongbeiquan Wang Wei(Shandong Wushu Team)
  • Bajiquan Li Zhen(Shanghai Wushu Team)
  • Changquan Li Jing(Beijing Wushu Team)
  • Yingzhaoquan Jiang Banjun(Beijing Wushu Team)
  • Nanquan He Jingde(Beijing Wushu Team)
  • Nanquan Wang Pengchun(Shanghai Wushu Team)
  • Nanquan Li Ying(Beijing Wushu Team)

International Wushu Competition Results

  • 2nd Traditional World Wushu Championships in Zhengzhou, China October, 2006     First place in Tongbeiquan and Southern Staff.
  • 10th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship in February, 2012
  • First Place Tongbeiquan & Southern Broadsword

Wushu Certifications

  • United States of America Wushu Kung Fu Federation(USAWKF) Team Trials judge since 2009
  • Certified as an International Wushu Federation Judge in 2012.

Many thanks to Matt Wong for sharing great information on this podcast.  If you have any comments or questions just post them in the comments area below.

Items Mentioned on the Podcast

Yang Shi Wen – “Modern” Tiger Crane Form

Kung Fu Quest – Baji Quan

Wang Wei – Tong Bei Quan

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