52 Weeks of Wushu in 2022


The Wushu52 Project is a self-development wushu effort where I am attempting to get back into wushu training shape over the 52 weeks of 2022 at the ripe old age of 52.

My program is somewhat adaptive and each month I review my progress and make adjustments to the plan. But for the most part it is based on five primary areas for wushu (in no particular order):

  1. Mobility / Flexibility / Range of Motion
  2. Strength and Explosive Power
  3. Endurance and Stamina
  4. Wushu Techniques
  5. Nutrition and Health (both physical and emotional)

I have been posting videos on the Wushu Adventures YouTube channel every few days, but I will also post the updates here on the Wushu Adventures website below. You can check back here every week or two for the updates, or subscribe directly to the channel to get them in your YouTube feed.

If you’d like to see what I’m up on the “daily”, then you can also check the Wushu Adventures Instagram account where I (attempt to) upload daily updates on my progress, challenges, difficulties, and challenges. Oh … and the challenges. (Did I mention the challenges?)

What is Wushu52?

Watch this video to learn more …

January 2022

Jan 1
What is Wushu52?
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Jan 2
My Wushu52 Training Plan
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Jan 3
My January Wushu Training Plan
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Jan 4
This Week's Wushu Training Plan
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Jan 5
Training Challenges on Maui
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Jan 6
The Wushu52 Video Posting Schedule
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Jan 7
The Full History of my Wushu Training
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Jan 8
The Ultimate Form of Wushu Frustration
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Jan 11
My First Week of Wushu Training
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Jan 20
Analyzing My Wushu Weaknesses
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Jan 22
How I Found Wushu - The Untold Story
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Jan 25
My Week 3 Training Recap
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Jan 28
The REAL Reason I Do Wushu
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February 2022

Feb 1
Week 4 Training Recap
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