Beijing – Day 6: Last Day of Quarantine

Beijing – Day 6: Last Day of Quarantine

Today was the last day of quarantine.  Other than that it was more or less business as usual.

After breakfast was morning practice.  Some of the students are a bit on the tired side, and it started to show in their initiative during class.  After class Xu Ming Hu (Tiger) told us to focus more on our training.  I was also told to make sure that people get some “tough love” during training.

Lunch was uneventful and most people hung out in the hotel during the afternoon.  Myself, I got a massage with Myles.  Then it was dinner and finally the evening training.

It was fairly brutal.  Since I’m only training once a day, I was asked to take Noah, Jonah and Myles on the side and make sure they were doing their form correctly.  Since we’re in China, I decided to do it like a Chinese coach.  There were also two late students to class that I had do 50 burpies after the class ended (yes, that is five zero – fifty – burpies).  Let’s just say they didn’t look too happy afterwards, but I’m guessing they won’t be late again.

The class itself was more intense than the previous one.  He was harder on people, pushing them more in their stretching and getting more out of them during training.  They also got to see a bit of his form, but unfortunately I was working with those three guys so I didn’t get to see it.  I heard the applause though.

Tomorrow it is off to the underground wushu hall for an 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM practice.  Earlier than usual, but we’ll have a bit more time off before our 3:30 training up in the upstairs wushu hall.  I hope my ankle is feeling better by then…

Sorry, no pictures today.  But I’ll try to post some more up shortly.

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